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What are the common problems with solder wire during soldering?

2019-08-14 17:32:36 Sources: Shenzhen Xinghongtai Tin Industry Co., Ltd. 2070

Solder wire is a kind of welding material. Its function is mainly used for micro-joining or repair welding of components such as components, PCB boards or pipes. It is one of the key products to ensure product quality. The preparation of solder wire is relatively complicated, and the process control is strict, including: smelting, casting, extrusion, rough drawing, fine drawing and wire winding, etc. How to ensure the uniformity of flux in the tin wire and avoid the defect of broken rosin is the whole tin wire The most critical process in the process. So what are the common problems when soldering wire is soldered? The following is a small series by Shenzhen Xinghongtai manufacturer: 

Due to improper process, the following problems are often encountered when soldering wire is used:

Icicle (tip)

Reasons: (1) uneven temperature conduction; (2) poor solderability of PCB or parts; (3) large variations in solder composition.

Poor weld 

Reasons: (1) external pollution; (2) insufficient activity of tin wire flux (3). rosin inside the wire; (4) severe oxidation of components

Tin ball

Reasons: (1) The water content in the tin wire flux is too high; (2) the flux in the tin wire is discontinuous, and there is a problem of broken rosin; (3) the ambient humidity is too high.

cold welding.

(1) The soldering iron temperature is too low; (2) The soldering time is short.

When using lead-free solder wire, the tip is consumed quickly. The reason is that the material of the tip is mainly iron or copper, which reacts with the solder. With lead-free solder, the solder composition changes from 60% tin to almost pure tin, and the probability of reaction increases. In addition, the melting point of lead-free solder is high, the wettability is poor, and it is necessary to increase the operating temperature and prolong the contact time. The loss of the tip naturally increases a lot.

The common problems of soldering the above solder wire are shared here. Solder is the electrical connection between the electronic component and the PCB board or the electrical connection between the electronic component and the electronic component. You can combine the last time we mentioned how Use solder wire together to understand.