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How do we tell the quality of the solder wire?

2019-08-14 17:35:47 Sources: Shenzhen Xinghongtai Tin Industry Co., Ltd. 1816

In the electronics industry, solder wire is a common soldering material. Solder wire is divided into solder wires of different grades, different price points and different effects according to the tin content. However, the soldering material determines the soldering effect. Good or bad. In the selection of many solder wires, many users do not know how to choose, then how do we know the quality of solder wire? The following staff from Shenzhen Xinghongtai manufacturers introduce to you:

First, the reliability of solder joints

The reliability of solder joints after solder wire soldering is also one of the criteria for selection. It is necessary to select a corresponding product that satisfies the use according to the use characteristics of the product. Just like some lead-free solder wires, the reliability of solder joints after soldering is very poor at high temperatures, but the reliability is generally 200 °C at a certain temperature. In fact, many electronic products that need to be reworked must withstand 200 °C or higher. High temperature. Choosing the right solder wire will give the electronic product a good result.


Second, the gloss color

This is directly related to the quality level of the solder wire and the amount of tin. Glossy color not only affects the appearance but also affects the quality of the weld. The luster color is bright and dazzling. The tin content must be high, and the welding effect is good. Otherwise, the welding effect will be bad, and even a matt color or a whitish color may appear, which is not a normal shiny color.

Third, the amount of tin

What is the tin content of the solder wire? This is the most important part and the only criterion for judging the solder wire grade. It is also related to important factors such as welding effect, firmness, reliability, and electrical conductivity. When using leaded solder wire, we must use the tin content of the solder wire that meets the requirements of the product. Otherwise, the soldering quality will have different degrees of problems. The amount of tin contained can not be discerned by the eyes, and can only be known by testing. There are also many detection methods, such as: spectrum detector, weight specific gravity method, chemical titration method, and the like. There is usually no such testing equipment in the electronics factory, leaving a lot of leaks.

Fourth, packaging

Pay attention to the appearance of the solder wire package. Although the appearance of the package does not represent the quality, the solder wire produced by the regular manufacturer will have a corresponding detailed mark. If there is a quality problem, it can be better verified. In the product identification, the basic information of the solder wire such as tin content or degree, lead content, flux amount, melting point and package weight should be indicated.

The above how we can distinguish the quality of the solder wire is introduced here, the convenience and operability of the solder wire is very suitable for the manual soldering needs of the public. You can understand the amount of tin contained in the solder wire we mentioned last time.