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What is the solder wire?

2019-08-14 17:29:34 Sources: Shenzhen Xinghongtai Tin Industry Co., Ltd. 1582

Too much rosin in the solder wire will not cause a short circuit: the solution, the solder wire rosin does not have to cause conduction. It is itself an insulator, but the content of the solder wire auxiliaries is rich in rosin but there are other active substances. Excessive metering of some active substances may constitute leakage. After soldering in many electronics factories, it is necessary to use a cleaning agent to clean the external factors to remove the solder residue to ensure the safety of the electronic board.

Welded by dip soldering, the solder wire has a white dirty mark on the terminal after soldering, which is difficult to remove. I want to know if there is any way to deal with the dirty imprint after soldering: solution, to get rid of the dirt To understand how the dirt is produced is the cockroach material so that we can be removed from the roots. From the above doubts, it can be determined that the dirt is self-service flux.

It is generally considered that the flux of the flux is cleaned with a cleaning agent, but the terminal cleaning agent for the wiring cannot be thoroughly cleaned and damages the terminal. The best method is to wipe with industrial alcohol. How does the flux foam? Solution: Flux foaming requires a higher flux ratio. Pour the flux into the foaming tank and put it into the air compressor to use the air as a power. The flux is propelled by the gas to promote the appearance of the flux, which will form a foam. Its function is to reduce the excessive connection between the solder and the flux, and to ensure the appearance of the welding is neat.

Solder wire application temperature is usually 450 degrees, beyond this temperature will be a glimpse: solution, high solder bar is a cooperative electronic original equipment welding under high temperature conditions, its heating temperature is between 400-500 degrees, when surpassing this temperature The surface oxide of the high temperature solder bar is added agilely. The feeling of tin liquid is always unclean, and the tin surface will appear blue.

The quality of the solder wire directly affects the quality of the solder. Xing Hongtai teaches you how to judge the quality of the solder wire. The quality of the solder wire can be judged according to the gloss of the solder joint. If the solder joints are white, it is clear that the lead content of the solder wire is large and the quality of the solder wire is poor.

For example, if the solder joint of 40-degree solder wire is whitish in a small part of the center, the nearby bright spot accounts for 70%-80% of all solder joints; and the solder joint center of 35-degree solder wire occupies 60%-65% of all solder joints. The vicinity of the shiny accounted for 35%-40% of all solder joints; the 30-degree solder wire solder joint center whited accounted for 80% of all solder joints, as long as the nearby bottom edge is lit; and the 45-degree solder wire solder joint It is completely bright as long as the top accounts for 5%-10% of all solder joints. Therefore, if the area of the center of the solder wire is whitish, the quality of the solder wire is deteriorated.

If you are based on professional skills, you should use a professional German imported spectrometer to check the accuracy of 0.001%. Further, the solder wire can be judged based on the insulation resistance, the expansion ratio, and the wetting function. Lead-free solder wire is judged according to ROHS specifications, flux residue, halogen-free, and tin-on speed. Smoke, splash, residue, and brightness are also specifications for judging the quality of solder wire. Therefore, in the selection of solder wire, it is best to use a soldering manufacturer with a good reputation and a good comparison. Some unscrupulous dealers often use low-quality solder wire to fill the height of the solder wire, so the price is cheaper. When purchasing solder wire, it must be greedy and cheap.