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What is the cause of rosin splashing when soldering wire?

2019-08-14 17:24:29 Sources: Shenzhen Xinghongtai Tin Industry Co., Ltd. 2153

As we all know, solder wire is a kind of solder material commonly used in the electronics industry. Solder wire is mainly used for soldering electronic components, such as soldering of circuit board capacitors, ICs, resistors and other components. During the welding process, we will encounter some things splashing. Some people may not know what the situation is. Now Xiaobian tells you that it is the reason for the rosin splash. What is the reason for the rosin splash when soldering wire? Today is Shenzhen The technical staff of Xinghongtai manufacturers introduce to you:

1, the temperature of the solder wire is too high

The melting point of the solder wire is generally about 227 degrees, so the temperature of the soldering iron is generally adjusted to 280 degrees - 300 degrees. If the temperature of your soldering iron is higher than 300 degrees, then there will be a bad phenomenon of solder wire splashing rosin. At this time, you should know how to control the temperature when using the solder wire, and then adjust the temperature again.

2, the quality of solder wire

The quality of the solder wire is not good. If you use the rosin flux containing moisture and the recycled tin, you will see the phenomenon of splashing rosin or tin. If the situation of frying tin or splashing rosin occurs too frequently, then you should consider changing the supplier.

3, rosin has a technical problem

For example, the rosin is not sufficiently stirred evenly, causing fine pores in the rosin when the liquid is viscous, and pressing into the extruder causes fine bubbles in individual places in the line.

4, the solder wire should be placed in a cool and ventilated place

If the place where the solder wire is placed is dark or damp, it will be easily damp after being placed for a long time. If it is wet, it will definitely appear to be splashed with rosin or tin. There is also solder wire that can't be placed for too long. In general, it is safer to use it within 3 months.

5, the problem of the extrusion process

When the rosin pen is installed in the extrusion process, it starts to be squeezed when it is not in the top position. At this time, it is suspected that the oil stain on the surface of the rosin pen or the tin column will infiltrate and cause splashing. When solders of different compositions, especially lead solder, do not adjust the amount of rosin, the proportion of rosin is high.

The reason why the rosin splash is above the solder wire is shared here. When the rosin splash is encountered during welding, the productivity of the employee will be affected, so everyone must pay attention.