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What is the difference between the price of lead-free solder and lead-free solder?

2019-08-14 17:18:04 Sources: Shenzhen Xinghongtai Tin Industry Co., Ltd. 1675

For some electronics industries, solder wire is a common solder material. Solder wire is divided into lead solder wire and lead-free solder wire. The price of a roll of solder wire is composed of several aspects. Maybe everyone doesn't know about solder wire, so what is the difference between the price of lead-free solder and lead solder? The following is the technical staff of Shenzhen Xinghongtai manufacturer:

The lead-free tin bar composition is synthesized from tin, copper and silver, and the commonly used component is Sn99.3Cu0.7. Lead-free tin bars (EU ROHS standards are less than 1000 PPM, and Japanese standards are less than 500 PPM). Lead-free tin bar melting point: 227 °.

The 6337 with lead solder has a better effect, namely 63% tin and 37% lead, and has a low melting point of 183 °C. However, because lead solder is harmful to the human body when it is used in home appliances, the use of lead solder has been banned for a long time in Europe, and there is a lead-free solder in the back.

At present, most domestic manufacturers are using lead-free solder.

There are many kinds of lead-free solders, such as tin-silver-copper alloy, tin-copper alloy, tin-copper-nickel alloy, etc. At present, the lead-free solder which is better in replacing 6337 is tin-silver-copper alloy. The price of lead-free solder wire is high, and it is high in technology and raw materials. It is technically resistant to oxidation, moisture, etc. The price of silver alone does not need to be known. The advantage of lead-free solder is that it is less polluting to the environment, and it is not dangerous to the human body. It is in line with China's requirements for sustainable development.


In the case of tin bars, the price of such metal industrial products is not so certain. The price of lead-free tin bars made with good tin No. 1 should be above 160 yuan/kg.

Lead-free solder wire has a low melting point but is not environmentally friendly, while lead-free solder wire is the opposite. In terms of price, there is a cheaper lead, and it is more expensive than lead. These two are mainly different in lead content. The market is mainly tin-copper, tin-silver, tin-copper-nickel, tin-bismuth low-temperature, tin-bismuth high-temperature, and different alloys have different content ratios.