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What is the role of adding rosin to solder wire?

2019-08-14 17:16:49 Sources: Shenzhen Xinghongtai Tin Industry Co., Ltd. 1619

As we all know, solder wire is a kind of soldering material commonly used in the electronics industry. We use solder flux to achieve the desired effect. Rosin is the most commonly used flux. It is neutral and will not corrode circuit components and Tips. A solder wire without an additive is not capable of soldering an electronic component because it does not have wettability and expandability. So what is the role of adding rosin to the solder wire? The following staff from Shenzhen Xinghongtai factory introduce you:

For ordinary welding of rosin-containing solder wire, it will be better welded. Rosin is very useful for the smoothness of welding. It can make tin droplets stick to the circuit board quickly during soldering. Rosin can also remove oxides on the metal surface to help the diffusion of tin. In solder joints, it can be connected. Parts, do not support mechanical force; coordinate heat dissipation; and electrical conduction, so from these aspects, rosin is very helpful for ordinary welding requirements.

The main role is to help the welding, the usage is: 1. Dip the solder with a hot soldering iron 2. Dip the rosin with a hot soldering iron 3. Solder with a soldering iron with rosin and solder. One and two steps can be cycled.

The biggest advantage of rosin is: tin on the wire, because if it is not rosin, it is difficult to tin the wire, first heat the soldering iron, then put the soldering iron in the rosin, take out the soldering iron, stain the tin, then put it In the rosin, then put the wire to be tinned in, so that the tin is much easier. The other function is to put the newly bought electric soldering iron into the rosin, then put on the tin, put the whole electric soldering iron head on the tin, and then use the tin after the soldering iron is used. Wait until the next time you use the electric soldering iron. Because the soldering iron is not oxidized, it is not easy to use.

Rosin solder wire identification method:

Look at the cross section of the solder wire, is the mouth of the solder wire broken is not hollow, the white powder inside is rosin, but it is not clear, there is a hole basically. There is also a test on the discharge soldering iron, and there is a special smell of white smoke.

The addition of rosin to the above solder wire has been shared here. Adding rosin can help to weld a satisfactory solder joint shape and maintain the surface gloss of the solder joint. You can learn about the operation of the solder wire we mentioned last time.