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What is the melting point of the solder wire?

2019-11-04 18:05:26 Sources: Shenzhen Xinghongtai Tin Industry Co., Ltd. 1655

Solder wire is also called solder wire. Solder wire is a kind of welding material. Solder wire is composed of tin alloy and auxiliary agent. The solder in the solder wire consisting of 63% tin and 37% lead is called eutectic solder. What is the melting point of the solder wire? The staff of Shenzhen Xinghongtai factory below introduces to you:

The melting point of the solder wire is 183 degrees. When the content of tin is higher than 63%, the melting temperature increases and the strength decreases. When the content of tin is less than 10%, the welding strength is poor, the hair is brittle, and the soldering ability is deteriorated. The most desirable is eutectic solder. At eutectic temperature, the solder changes directly from solid to liquid without going through a semi-liquid state. The melting temperature of the eutectic solder is lower than that of the non-eutectic solder, thus reducing the chance of damage to the soldered component. Solder directly changes from liquid to solid, which also reduces the phenomenon of solder joints.

Generally, the solder melting point of lead-free solder wire is relatively high. At 227 ° C, the solder wire of different solder materials does not differ greatly in melting point. Therefore, before using solder wire, first understand how high the temperature of the solder piece can withstand. Then select a lead-free solder wire with a suitable solder melting point. Several lead-free solder wire specifications and solder melting points commonly used in the market.

1. Tin 99.3 copper 0.7, the melting point of solder is 227 ° C, belonging to eutectic solder.

2, tin 96.5 silver 3 copper 0.5, solder melting point is 218 ° C, the nature is close to eutectic solder.

3, tin 42 铋 58, solder melting point is 138 ° C, is eutectic solder.

4, tin 91 zinc 9, solder melting point is 199 ° C, is eutectic solder.

5, tin 5 zinc 95, the melting point is 382 ° C, is eutectic solder.

I believe that the melting point of solder wire is known. Nowadays, the commonly used solder wire is divided into lead solder wire and lead-free solder wire. The parameters and melting point are different. You can combine the specifications of the solder wire we mentioned last time to understand.