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Advantages of solder bar SnCu0.7

2019-11-04 17:56:59 Sources: Shenzhen Xinghongtai Tin Industry Co., Ltd. 5104

There are two types and various specifications of tin bars (also known as solder bars) sold in the market. The following is the explanation of the advantages of SnCu0.7 lead-free solder bars by Xing Hongtai.

On the occasion of the era of lead-free electronic assembly, Xinghongtai Tin Industry strongly recommends the use of SnCu0.7 lead-free tin bars for wave soldering. This product adopts high-purity raw materials of Yunnan tin mine in the strict control environment of quality control. After exclusive refining and anti-oxidation technology, it is smelted and calcined to above 1300 °C under vacuum nitrogen protection, so that the crystal structure of the alloy is dense and refined, and the metal oxygen content Very low, excellent brightness of solder joints, long-term use in wave soldering, effectively suppress the increase of impurity content, keep the tin liquid bright as "mirror surface", the yield of tin slag drops to a low point, and strictly control the lead content below 100PPM.

SnCu0.7 lead-free solder bar is widely used in manual dip soldering and wave soldering of electronic products such as USB and wire materials. It is the first recommendation for solder wire special tin bars, and can also be applied to various medical electronics and mobile phone industries. The communication electronics industry, etc., does not pollute the environment, conforms to national standards, and international standards such as JIS and IPC, as well as environmental regulations currently in the new regulations.


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