Lead-free solder wire

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Lead-free solder wire

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Medical Special Purpose
  • Medical Special Purpose
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Medical Special Purpose

Product parameters: Suitable for welding medical products and other products
Scope of application:

    Quick Details

    Product name: Medical Special Purpose

    Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

    Brand Name:XHT
    Model Number:SnCu
    Melting Point:183℃~287℃
    Flux Content:2.2%~3.0% (Customized)
    Shape:Soft Soldering Wire
    Sample Testing:Support
    Flux core:Rosin Flux Core

    Product Advantage:

    1. Welding effect: the tin surface is bright and full, high reliability, very clean without residual impurities.
    2. No cleaning, insulation resistance meets ipc-tm-650 international standard.
    3. Tin rod effect: full and bright solder spot, less oxide.

    4.Widely used in military industry, precision electronic instruments, precision medical instruments, high-end electronic products, automotive electronics and other products of manual dip welding and wave soldering;
    5. Solemn commitment: Xinghongtai products use 100% raw materials (Lead content<100PPM), eliminate the use of waste materials (Lead content>100PPM)