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The reason why the soldering iron does not stick to tin

2019-08-14 17:13:14 Sources: Shenzhen Xinghongtai Tin Industry Co., Ltd. 2328

As is known, the solder wire is a solder material. The solder wire is mainly a linear solder made of fusible metal tin-lead. It is melted when heated to a certain temperature, and can form an alloy on the surface of the metal to be welded when it is melted. The weld metal is joined together. The solder wire (solder wire) is tubular and has a flux inside (high-quality rosin is added with a certain activator). We will encounter various problems in the soldering process. What is the reason why the soldering iron is not tinned? The following staff from Shenzhen Xinghongtai factory analyze for you:

The reason why the soldering iron does not stick to tin:

1. The solder wire is not pure or the tin content is too low. (The solder wire used by Xinghongtai uses 100% raw materials)

2. The temperature is too high. When it exceeds 400 °C, it is easy to oxidize the surface of the tin.

3. The tin-coated surface is not tinned when used.

4. The sponge used for wiping the iron head is too high in sulphur, too dry or too dirty.

5. Exposure to organic substances such as plastics, lubricating oils or other compounds.

6. If the flux is too little during soldering, or if the active flux is used, the surface will be oxidized quickly; the water-soluble flux will corrode at high temperature and will damage the soldering iron tip.

The quick and efficient way to do this is:

Hold the electric iron handle, and immerse the oxidized iron tip into a container filled with alcohol. After 1 to 2 minutes, the oxide is completely and cleanly removed, and the soldering iron is completely new. This is because when copper oxide and alcohol are heated, a chemical reaction occurs, and copper is reduced, which has no corrosive effect on the soldering iron tip.


The reason why the soldering iron is not tinned is shared here. Therefore, the soldering of the solder wire is mainly caused by the temperature of the soldering iron to melt it to achieve the final soldering purpose. The selection of the soldering iron is very important. You can combine it with the choice and use of the soldering iron we mentioned last time.